Friday, May 31, 2019, the 18th recital “at home” was performed by Marina Rodríguez Brià on the 1824 square piano Clementi & Co.

The program was devoted to Marianna Auenbrugger and consisted of two sonatas:

  1. Marianna Auenbrugger (1759-1782). Sonata in E flat major. Moderato, Largo, Rondo, Allegro.
  2. Muzio Clementi (1752-1832). Sonata op. 8 no. 1 in G minor (1782). Dedicated to Marianna Auenbrugger. Allegro, Andante cantabile, Presto.

After the famous duel with Mozart in 1781, Clementi stayed a season in Vienna playing and giving classes. Among others, he probably had Marianna Auenbrugger as a disciple, young pianist and composer. Haydn was a teacher of her and admired her talents and that of her sister to whom he dedicated some sonatas. Marianna’s counterpoint teacher was Antonio Salieri. Mozart and other musicians also frequented the Auenbrugger’s house. Unfortunately, Marianna died in 1782 at age 23. Salieri published the only sonata written by the young woman, along with an Ode composed by himself in his memory. For his part, Clementi dedicated the Sonata Op.8 no. 1 to Marianna. Composed in minor key, the emotion contained in the themes and their treatment speak for themselves.

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