The flautist Montserrat Gascón has received the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize for her thesis “Une flûte en cristal. Claude Laurent’s glass flutes (1774-1849)” at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. According to his thesis, Claude Laurent was one of the greatest flute constructors of the nineteenth century and his incomparable instruments. Laurent was a decisive character for the evolution of wind instruments, unjustly unknown at present. His great contribution was not only the use of glass in order to solve problems with changes in humidity and temperature, but the introduction of a new sound and its technical innovations. Thus, the new system for fixing the mechanism in the tube, which was universally extended and which we still use today in most wind-wood instruments, allowed the adoption of complex mechanisms, such as the patented one by Theobald Boehm in 1832.
Gascón forms a duet with Marina Rodríguez Brià and has participated as a speaker in two of the courses organized at the University of Barcelona (Els Juliols i Gaudir UB) in collaboration with the AMCB.
From here, our most cordial congratulations.