Participation in the annual meeting of THE HISTORICAL KEYBOARD SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA (HKSNA) in Greenville (South Carolina) (April 2017)

Marina Rodríguez Brià was invited to participate in the meeting of the HKSNA, where she performed at the inaugural concert, playing chamber music in a square piano Longman & Clementi of 1799 with other American musicians.

She also offered a conference-concert entitled “Fernando Sor in London: His relationship with the London Pianoforte School”. In this lecture she played a Broadwood Grand Piano (1791, London).

The report in the HKSNA Newsletter says: “Marina Rodríguez Brìa, our special guest from Spain who received lots of compliments for her fine performance in the opening night concert, talked about Fernando Sor and his connection with the London Piano School. We were treated with his piano music not often heard in concerts”.  HKSNA Newsletter Vol. 6 No. 2 2017

Marina Rodriguez Bria a Greenville