“England around a piano. Music, art and society.Pianos Clementi navegant
The passage from the 18th century to the XIXth through the multifaceted musician Muzio Clementi ”

Description of the course

The cosmopolitan musician Muzio Clementi (1752-1832) will be the driving force behind a Europe full of changes. Music, but also art, society, and musical commerce, will bring us closer to the day to day from the England Industrial Revolution
The course took place from July 11 to 15, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Total: 20h) at the Faculty of Geography and History of the UB

The following topics were developed:

1. Muzio Clementi, multifaceted and cosmopolitan musician. [Marina Rodríguez Brià]

2. 19th Century engineering and the crescendo of the piano. [Dr. Thomas Strange]

3. The British domestic interiors. An ideal place to host a piano. [Dra. Mireia Freixa]

4. Commented recital: At home in England. [Dr. Patrick Hawkins]

5. The musical map of the time of Clementi. [Dr. Xosé Aviñoa]

6. Passion, transcendence and sublime: English painting at the time of Clementi. [Dra. Cristina Rodríguez]

7. Clementi in the context of the English culture of Enlightenment. [Dra. Carme Font]

8. Revolutions, machines and music in Europe in 1800. [Oriol Brugarolas]

9. Musical life in London and the provinces during Clementi’s early years 1770-1800. [Dr. Matthew Spring]

10. The legacy of Clementi. Roundtable. [Jaume Ayats, Joan Josep Gutiérrez i Marina  Rodríguez Brià]

Coordinated by Marina Rodríguez Brià i Eva M. Álvarez